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A LabVIEW library for easy data exchange with the TwinCAT System (2.x und 3.x) from Beckhoff or with Beckhoff Ethernet IO systems. The data exchange is based on the ADS interface from Beckhoff.

The library can be used to create visualizations for TwinCAT PLC programs or integrate Beckhoff Ethernet IO systems in LabVIEW.

There are two versions of the library. One uses the TwinCAT ADS Dll for data exchange. The other version is based in LabVIEW TCP functions and can therefore also be used on LabVIEW RealTime systems.

The library provides the following functionality:

  • Reading and writing data by symbol names
  • Reading and writing lists of symbols
  • Reading and writing data by address
  • Event driven reading (Notifications)
  • Reading and writing device state
  • Browsing symbol table
  • Conversion functions for data types

It is possible to create a buffered data transfer from TC PLC to LabVIEW to stream variable data lossless from PLC to LabVIEW.

The library can be used with LabVIEW 2010 and higher with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 in 32 and 64 bit with LabVIEW 32 and 64 bit.

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An Alternative to the communication via ADS can be our EtherCAT Slave PC solution.

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Direct integration of EtherCAT slaves in LabVIEW.


With our EtherCAT Acquisition Library for LabVIEW, EtherCAT products can be easily controlled.


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