EtherCAT Library for LabVIEW    

!!!Attention!!! The real-time support for the EtherCAT Library does not work on Windows 10 version 2004! The Windows 10 update 20H2 fixed the problems. Version 2004 will not be supported.

EtherCAT is an Ethernet based deterministic fieldbus. Because of its speed and openness it is perfectly suitable for measurement and automation applications. It allows the realization of distributed architectures with signal conversion close to the sensors. Different products like field IOs and drives can be controlled over the same bus.

The EtherCAT Library for LabVIEW is based on the EtherCAT Master from acontis technologies and a real-time driver for Windows. The real-time can run bus cycle times of up to 10 kHz with a normal Ethernet port of the PC. The data exchange between LabVIEW and the master is buffered, so that no data is lost and predefined waveforms can be output.

The EtherCAT Master can also be used without real-time driver. This simplifies applications that do not require deterministic bus timing.

The library is used in the following application fields:

  • Automation of machines
  • Measurement applications
  • Test of EtherCAT slave products

The library provides the following functionality:

  • Realtime process data exchange (PDO)
  • Up and Download of service data objects (CoE)
  • Up and Download of files over EtherCAT (FoE)
  • Servodrive-Profile over EtherCAT (SoE)
  • FailSafe over EtherCAT (FSoE)
  • Access to slave memory
  • Access to slave EEPROM
  • Access to slave object dictionary

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