Data Processing Functions

The EtherCAT Library for LabVIEW is running an EtherCAT Master with a real-time driver on Windows systems. It also allows executing predefined functions for process data processing in the EtherCAT Master. These functions are executed in real-time on each bus cycles.

A common use case for this is for example monitoring a force limit while controlling a drive. If the force limit is exceeded, the next bus cycle will set an emergency stop bit in the drive. When using a bus cycle rate of 1 kHz, there is a reaction time of 1 ms in the EtherCAT Master.

The following functions are available

  • PID Control
  • Limit monitoring of analog inputs setting one output bit
  • Complex digital logic with multiple digital inputs setting one output bit
  • Using input bit on output bit
  • Copy analog input on analog output

The Data Processing Functions is an additional option, that can be added to a run-time license of the EtherCAT Library.

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