LabVIEW EtherCAT Application Framework    

The EtherCAT Application Framework is an add-on library for the EtherCAT Library for LabVIEW, which simplifies the application development. The representation of the EtherCAT system is done with slave classes. This gives an easy to use and flexible to expand API for the control of different EtherCAT hardware.

The library offers a lot of benefits in applications, where multiple slaves with different tasks are used. The process data of all slaves is sent in one data array to the bus. This requires that the access to the data array is protected against race conditions, if handled in different processes / loops. This is done automatically by the framework library. Indexing the process data is easier, because it is done with relative offsets per slave and not absolute offsets. Furthermore, the incoming process data is preprocessed in a c-dll, which improves performance.

The framework builds the basis for a variety of specific driver libraries for EtherCAT hardware, like Beckhoff terminals. The driver libraries wrap the configuration calls and process data access in simple to use VIs.

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The following driver libraries are available:


  • EtherCAT Terminal Standard

    EL10xx, EL11xx, EL15xx, EL17xx, EL18xx

    EL20xx, EL2124, EL2502, EL 2521, EL2535

    EL26xx, EL27xx, EL28xx

    EL30xx, EL31xx, EL320x, EL3255, EL331x

    EL335x, EL360x, EL361x, EL3692, EL3681

    EL40xx, EL41xx


  • EtherCAT Terminal Power Measurement

    EL3403, EL3413, EL3433


  • EtherCAT Terminal Position Measurement

    EL500x, EL5021, EL5032, EL5101, EL5151


  • EtherCAT Terminal Motion

    EL7031, EL7041, EL7332, EL7342

    EL7201, EL7211, EL9576


  • EtherCAT Terminal Oversampling

    EL1262, EL2262

    EL3632, EL3702, EL3742, EL3773

    EL4712, EL4732


  • EtherCAT Terminal Communication Serial

    EL600x, EL602x


  • AKD

    Servo drive controller of AKD series with EtherCAT interface

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